Heart Realness

Dear Emotional Realists,

digging up degrees of heart realness is a lengthy process. So many things I thought I knew I’m discovering that I don’t know to the extent of certainty that I want to. An old question surfaced once again today: Is it respectable to have fun? I “know” that the answer is yes, but I don’t KNOW that it is so. Those who are sober, serious, and sensible act with careful caution. That way one is much less likely to carelessly get something wrong.

It seems that the freedom to have fun is anchored in the confidence that we can be reconciled to God and/or to beloved humans when we mistakenly end up doing something unwise. In the spirit of having fun, it is okay to risk getting something wrong, because God will let us know, AND forgive us, AND help us improve. Only by repeatedly experiencing that process can we mature our ability to risk.

Digging up some deep roots,

An Emotional Gardner

A Question of Context

Is silence ignorance,

Or an awareness that goes beyond words?

Is stillness an absence of emotion,

Or a desperate attempt to control emotion?

Is hate an expression of scorn,

Or the blinding fury of outraged interest?

Is war the result of dislike,

Or the passionate desire to acquire something?

Something horrible in one context

Can be something magnificent in another.

A Fruitful Sequence

Dear Orchard of Spices,

ever considered the “fruit of the spirit” as a sequence, with each unit growing out of the previous one? It could look something like this: love creates joy, which establishes peace, which supports patience, which enables kindness, which develops goodness, which motivates faithfulness, which fuels gentleness, which empowers self-control.

With a smile,

One Listening to Raindrops

Angles of Light

Dear People on a Journey,

the experience of writing this blog led me into the exploration of spirit facets. The process of labeling those facets has brought me to a final description of my perception of the human spirit. I may well return to this blog in the future as my spirit is inspired to express other ideas, but for now I’m going to leave you with this word picture.

My desire is to fill my mind with the light of my spirit. My mind I perceive in the shape of an intangible palace, extending in every direction around my body with various rooms and hallways and galleries. My spirit dwells at the center of this structure like a large glowing gemstone. This spirit gemstone can be personified as a single entity, or as 7 portions, or as 49 facets, or as 490 angles of light.

Seven facets grace the surface of each portion and each of those facets has the ability to radiate ten specific angles of light. What those light flavors are is an entirely personal matter. I have begun the process of projecting shafts of spirit-light into themed rooms in my mind, deepening the interaction between spirit and mind, yet I know that the journey will be a very long and unpredictable one. I can only hope that this imagery will encourage your confidence in the glory potential of a renovated, renewed, transformed mind.

Living an endless path of personal growth,

One Dedicated to Life

Celebrating Alignment

Dear New Covenant Believers,

seeing the fulfillment of the Biblical feasts is something exceedingly thrilling. It is amazing to read the story of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring on the Feast of Weeks, and to realize that that was only the end of the first installment of manifesting the feasts’ spiritual purposes. Beyond the second level fulfillment that happened in the same year as Yeshua’s Sacrifice, there is also the ongoing lifestyle application of these events. Celebrating the complexity of the human spirit and the power that can flow through an aligned soul is something that we can do all year long. May the feast of divine strength continue…

With wonderment about the future,

A Festival “Observer”

Day 50 -> Pentecost -> 9th/3rd -> 03/04.06.2017

Connector of Souls

Dear 7th Facet of the Mercy Portion of the Human Spirit,

connecting spirits takes less skill than connecting souls. Spirits can more quickly acknowledge our shared heritage and nature, while souls are incorrigibly stubborn and independent. Aligning the realness of the soul with the wisdom of the spirit sets us up for more holistic fellowship than either can accomplish on their own. I bless your discernment in both honoring and stewarding the potent force that is the human soul.

With respect,

A Soul Seeking Alignment

Day 49 of 49 -> 8th/3rd -> 02/03.06.2017

Connector of Desire

Dear 6th Facet of the Mercy Portion of the Human Spirit,

the resonance of kindred desires echoes through eternity with its infinite energy. All of your desires have their templates in the heart of God and zeal siblings in the spectrum of human hearts. No one else will have the exact combination of passions that you carry, yet you will find someone to understand each of your desires. May you keep looking for your full set of kindred spirits, being open to possibilities on earth and dedicated to opportunities in eternity.

With respect,

A Soul Seeking Alignment

Day 48 of 49 -> 7th/3rd  -> 01/02.06.2017